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Primax Protect



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Application areas

This zinc rich powder coating is designed as a primer coat on blast-cleaned, phosphated and galvanized steel objects

and structures. It combines a high level of corrosion resistance with advanced mechanical and degassing properties,

excellent adhesion to substrate and inter-coat adhesion.

This powder enables efficient application, good edge coverage and provides a uniform flow. For optimal corrosion

protection and attractive surface appearance this product should be used in combination with suitable polyester coating.

Recommended topcoat products include Jotun Facade, Corro-Coat PE-F, Corro-Coat PE and Tradex from Jotun.

Typical areas of application include building structures, agricultural machinery, steel fences, outdoor public areas and

steel components present in coastal environments.



Property Standard Result

Specific gravity 3.1 ± 0.1 kg/dm3


Keep in a dry cool area. Maximum temperature 25 °C. Maximum relative humidity 60 %. Under these mentioned

conditions, product shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.



Chemical pretreatment

Available methods of pretreatment include zinc and iron phosphating and chromating of galvanized steel.

Recommended types of pretreatment depend on specific design requirements and on the need for corrosion resistance

which is specified in the Performance section of the document.

The overall quality of the coating system is largely dependent on the type and quality of surface preparation,

pretreatment, and the topcoat. Recommended type of surface preparation is grit blasting which must be performed

according to specification provided in Jotun’s "Application Guide of Powder Coatings on Steel". Grit blasted surfaces are

suitable to provide a moderate level of protection. For galvanized steel sweep blasting is recommended.

Powder application

Curing schedule Object temperature Time

10 minutes

6 minutes

3-5 minutes*

2-3 minutes*

180 °C

200 °C

180 °C

200 °C

Full cure

Partial cure

The system is cured using either full or partial cure regimes for Primax Protect.

Partial cure of the primer is recommended to enhance inter-coat adhesion between primer and a topcoat following the

below schedule.


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Grund pulbere pentru otel

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